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The Journey of My soul.

Trees never gave me a better orgasm

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September 20th, 2009

Soul was busy

So I went to park that were it all began, I got some flower for tea party with Naoko. I hump lots of trees in forest, police come and arrest me. They say I need to stop fucking tree, did not go to well, within five second I hump tree in front.

They let me go saying next time I fuck tree, I go prison. I have tea party with Naoko tea leaves are Tigirs Cantus, it makes you have sleepy spells.

Tea party done, Soul got humping Tree. Me go to prison.

But I escape. I go to backyard of hospital and make all nuts which were gift from Tree a bomb!

and then Soul hump another tree outside Kyra window.

The police catch me, and chop it down. It crush Naoko they go to hospital. Soul go to prison.

I love how every tre I fuck has leaves, it make me happy I have extremely hairy tree and that is like Chewbacca.

Soul take show but then she meet J.

J: "Hello, Soul is it"

Me: Yeah 

I bend for soap and I feel something non woody enter Soul, it hurt. J finish raping me 5 minute later.

They officer laugh at me for getting rape by J. They say I have new roomate, I don't care. I masturbate by shoving giant wood down my Snatch.

Kyra then discovers me and I escape. But before I kick J in stomach then beat her to death with wood

Kyra and I then ride lamb and then I see tree I go over board to fuck tree. Police come, we hid naked and  go under sewer.

Kyra is pretty sexy.

We climb up manhole and in hospital I run to back,
where police are around me

They try to get me away, I say never. But then they mention tree, and I run to them, but I trip over bomb and the switch blows up and acorns and gets under hospital and hospital go boom, I land and came on girl in pear ourfit and land on spiky tree. I bleed for days and police rearrest me.

I am currently using thier library computer, it'll be 434 days before I am released.
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September 14th, 2009

Soul is win!

I went out an picked raberry other day, I only picked 74346947307210576373120562354763404534075620348562307856230857632587634 before i threw myself naked into bush. the thorns made me moan with pleasure and gave me good orgasm.

I like to fuck Beavers too.

Well, a couple of day ago, I see Ash make entry that rude. I don't like that Ash. Stop.

Oh, I went to Naoko tea party, it is fun. I hump a lot of trees, it is great. At Naoko Tea Party I sleep with 42 Tree....in 3 hour. New record for soul!

Kyra beat me up, I did not want to speak to Oak tree in her backyard. It does not give Soul good orgasm. So I take her wooden desk chair and love it all over. Kyra very upset she beat me with the chair.
But that chair gave me some good love, and I get to keep it.

Soul is happy, all these tree in her life giving her precious orgam make her happy. 

I hope I can fuck tree forever. 

I visit Ash in hospital, it was short lived. They kicked me out for "being obscene to the patients, and staff. You were disrespectful to all the plants on the 5th floor. Which are there to promote HEALTHY RESPECTABLE LIFESTSYLES. And you, Soul Kotone, wreck that, shame on you."

That was the ticket I got from the cop: Mr. Wood, I'm going to argue it in court. Tree came onto me. 

So I was kicked out, it was okay though, there was a foresty park next door.

September 12th, 2009

Friends only


Join me traveling the earth my home, sleeping with trees, and me dying at the hands of my friends

friends only.
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